What this means is you support a state and nationwide movement calling for congress to amend the Americans with Disabilities Ace, (AWDA) Title III, Subpart D, Public Accommodations section. This part states places of accommodations include restaurants, hotels, theaters, doctors offices, pharmacies, retail stores, libraries, parks, driver schools and museums.

What we are calling for is to add restaurants, meeting rooms and waiting rooms to this list.

Our group has one simple goal . . to help senior citizens, handicapped individuals & disabled veterans to enjoy the same quality of service, access & dignity as non seniors & handicapped individuals & disabled veterans.

Currently, the Americans with Disabilities Act, (AWDA), does not provide adequate seating for some people. Some seniors, handicapped & disabled people are unable to stand up from an armless chair & require physical hands on assistance from strangers, thereby removing this persons independence & dignity.

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The Department of Justice (DOJ), the agency responsible for enforcing the AWDA, will not meet to accept comments or suggestions for amendments until July of 2015. However, we have a state senator & representative working on a bill that will help us meet our goal of providing armed chairs to entities in Louisiana until the DOJ meets again in 2015.

We are therefore asking concerned supporters, friends & family members of seniors, handicapped & disabled veterans to call, write or email our Louisiana members of the house & senate & tell them you support Project Armchair ! By doing this, you're telling them that you support a bill to add an amendment to the AWDA & to Louisiana specifically.

Again, all you need do is contact them and say "I support Project ArmChair !"

Click HERE to find your Louisiana State Legislators.

Additional info: Ray at  raygreenpatriot@yahoo.com
         Website: ProjectArmChair.com
            Phone: 337-981-4265

We can make a positive difference !! Do it today !!